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Why We?

Stay in Memory, Be Active, Create Synergy!

Why should you advertise in Magazine of Plastik & Ambalaj Teknolojisi?

It Meets 50 Thousands Companies !

As the Magazine of Plastik&Ambalaj Teknolojisi is being sent alternately to companies in targeted market, all over Turkey free of charge, if you advertise in it; your company meets with 50 thousands companies in Turkey and with all market potential within 9 months.

It Meets With Existing Market Demand !

With unique contents in its field, Magazine of Plastik&Ambalaj Teknolojisi is a publication that is read and followed by the sector actually. Meanwhile, as it makes known the new machines and products along Turkey and over the world, it was kept by commercial buyers under their hands.

It Creates New Demands !

With its scientific and technologic contents and researching identification, magazine of Plastik&Ambalaj Teknolojisi sheds light on engineers and appliers in the sector and in this way, besides meeting existing demand; it creates new demands and provides huge benefits for the advantage of Advertiser Company.

It Contributes Your Brand Creating Process !

With its well-qualified contents and knowledge accumulation of 17 years, Magazine of Plastik&Ambalaj Teknolojisi is a quite respectful and prestigious publication. Introducing via this kind of publication, presents you advantages to contribute your efforts establishing a brand and permanent advertisement will support you for memory retention, becoming active, creating synergy and providing reliability.